Great Romance Webtoons You Need to Read

I love romance webtoons so much that I decided to make another list! Unlike my other romance list which has mixed genres, a lot of the webtoons on this list are in the Shoujo/Josei genres. I’m currently working on creating other webtoon lists and hope to have my fantasy one published by the end of this week. I hope you enjoy these recommendations! 😆 Please note some of my descriptions might include plot spoilers, so read them at your own risk!

Nanshen Zai Gebi


Photo: Anime Planet

Synopsis: “Su Shuang Shuang comes home one day to find that someone has moved into the apartment next to hers. When curiosity gets the best of her and she goes in to meet her neighbour, a handsome guys comes out of the shower? And he calls the police?” -Anime Planet

Status: Ongoing

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo, Tsundere

Why you should read it: This webtoon’s plot is really fun, it has amazing art and it will have you laughing. It has a hot male lead who is a tsundere in the beginning but he eventually warms up to the female lead as the chapters progress. What I thought was different about this story is that it somewhat breaks the cliche tsundere relationship because while the female lead thought the male was attractive in the beginning, she grew to dislike his rude behavior quickly after meeting him. As he starts making advances toward her she has a really carefree attitude and doesn’t realize that he actually likes her. I can’t wait to see how he’s going to end up confessing his love for her. If you’re a fan of tsundere romance, make sure to add this one to your reading list.

Read it here

My ID is Gangnam Beauty


Photo: Anime Planet

Synopsis: “The ugly girl who was able to be reborn as a beauty, Kang Mirae! But… I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere?” -Anime Planet

Status: Ongoing

Genres: Comedy, Josei, Romance

Why you should read it: The story of this webtoon is absolutely beautiful. It’s main theme is something I think everybody can relate to. It’s about an ugly girl who has an unhappy childhood because she is bullied for the way she looks. She goes to commit suicide but gets cold feet and instead decides to get plastic surgery to stop the bullying. She is in her freshman year of college and is finally accepted by a group of people in her class. One of the men in the group is very handsome and becomes interested in her. What’s interesting is he is a tsundere character and rather than being attracted to him, his behavior actually scares her. I can’t wait to see how their love is going to blossom. I love the contrast between a beautiful man falling in love with an ugly woman because it shows that love is deeper than what is just on the outside. If you have to choose just one on this list, this one is definitely worth your time to read.

Read it here

The Moon that Rises in the Day


Photo: Anime Planet

Synopsis: “A man whose time has stopped, and a woman who flows like a river. Story about strife that comes and goes in the past and in the present.” -Anime Planet

Status: Ongoing

Genres: Drama, Josei, Romance, Historial, Supernatural

Why you should read it: If you’ve been following my blog then you know how much of a fan I am of reincarnation stories. This one is different from the others I’ve read because the female lead’s husband from her past life comes back to kill her in the present. Except he is having a hard time carrying out his mission since he finds himself falling back in love with her after spending time together. I like that the author made it so that both characters don’t actually reincarnate. The male lead is a ghost who inhabits the body of a boy in order to carry out the murder so his soul can find peace and he can finally go to heaven. I love that the female lead is once again falling in love with her partner from the past even though she is the only one who reincarnated and isn’t exactly the same person. I’m excited to see whether they will end up being together or not, since only one of them is alive. If you are a fan of reincarnation stories, you need to make time to check this one out.

Read it here

San Sheng San Shi Shi Li Tao Hua


Photo: Anime Planet

Synopsis: “Through the course of unlikely coincidences, a man and woman meet again and again in three different lives. What will become of their love in the world of the immortals?” -Anime Planet

Status: Ongoing

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Josei

Why you should read it: I have found yet another webtoon with a reincarnation story I really enjoy. Unlike many of the other reincarnation stories I’ve read, this one is tragic from the beginning. A mortal girl falls in love with an immortal being, marries him and has his child. Because she was the scapegoat for an incident that happened within his kingdom, her husband removes both of her eyes as punishment. Because of this, she falls into a severe depression and she throws herself of a cliff to die. Except, she was never really a mortal in the first place. She was an immortal being who was given a test to reach a higher status. Throwing herself off the cliff caused the spell to break and returned her to her original immortal form. Heartbroken over her husband’s betrayal she takes a potion to forget him and when she comes across him in her new life she doesn’t remember anything about him or the son they share. This is a cute webtoon about getting a chance to love the same person the correct way the second time around. This is one of my favorite reincarnation stories so you need to check it out!

Read it here

Prince, Don’t Do This!


Photo: Anime Planet

Synopsis: “In order to fulfil her mission of bringing peace to the land, the Princess of Uighur is going to travel to Changan and marry a prince. Her task is extremely difficult! She has to increase her IQ, finish her assignment, and try to win the love of the handsome prince!” -Anime Planet

Status: Ongoing

Genres: Romance, Historical

Why you should read it: This one is another tsundere romance with an arranged marriage plot. What do you know, two of my favorite things in one webtoon! When the princess arrives at the palace, the prince doesn’t even acknowledge her which makes her very angry. After they are married, he tells her he is disappointed in her behavior and she needs to work on improving herself for the good of the kingdom. He also tells her to forget about the possibility of a romantic relationship between them because he’s never going to fall for her. Obviously he’s going to fall for her and I can’t wait to see how that is going to happen! I hope the princess finds happiness being married to such a rude man. While this story is not as unique as some of the others on the list, if you are a fan of tsunderes in arranged marriages this is one you definitely need to add to your reading list.

Read it here

Perfect Honeymoon


Photo: Anime Planet

Synopsis: “After getting married, the bride suddenly sees her new husband with another woman? Their honeymoon is at stake from the start!” -Anime Planet

Status: Ongoing

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life

Why you should read it: I love when there’s romance stories that are somewhat tragic. This one focuses on the common problem of miscommunication in relationships which is something everyone can relate to. The bride misreads the situation and believes her husband is cheating on her since they have grown distant overtime. She runs away from him during their honeymoon and most of the story is about him trying to find her. He feels angry with himself because he never really told her how much he loves her and hides behind a cold persona. The bride comes across a handsome man during her travels and finds herself being attracted to him. I can’t wait to see who the bride ends up with and whether her husband can properly communicate how he feels about her. If you love romance stories with a lot of misunderstandings, be sure to check out Perfect Honeymoon.

Read it here

Jinx Yeon-in


Photo: Anime Planet

Synopsis: “The beautiful goddess of fortune hidden by a rich man came into the life of the poor and unlucky me.” -Anime Planet

Status: Ongoing

Genres: Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural

Why you should read it: Don’t even look at the synopsis, it doesn’t do the plot any justice for this webtoon! The male lead is an intern at one of the largest companies in Korea and has gotten accepted to study at Harvard. He comes across a little girl stuck in a washing machine and decides to help her out and find her mother. Little does he know the girl is arranged to be the wife of the CEO’s son (who is also his best friend). Touching the girl’s hand changed his life and caused him to lose everything including his internship at the company, his friends and his place at Harvard. This one doesn’t have a lot of chapters yet but I can already tell it’s going to be one of my favorites! The female lead has supernatural abilities and with just touching his hand she binded herself to the male lead and fell in love with him. However since she can’t be with him and is arranged to be the wife of his best friend, this is a forbidden love story. He also hates her for ruining his life so it will be interesting to see how she can overcome his barrier and get him to fall for her. I really hope they both can find happiness! If you are into romance stories with a unique plot, you must add this one to your reading list.

Read it here

Daughter of Heaven


Photo: Anime Planet

 Synopsis: “He is a small country’s crown prince; born in the cracks of privilege, maturing on a bloody path, duty-bound to never turn back, to continue forward on his king’s road with hardships beyond compare. She is the daughter of a sinner who had fled the city, who slowly changed her role as she grew up. Was this pushed forth by fate, or caused by human nature? During troubled times, the predestined man and woman met, mutually fell in love, oppressed, and killed. Is this a choice between love and virtue, or is it up to fate to decide? In this feast of kings, who exactly is the victor?” -Anime Planet

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Historical

Why you should read it: While there haven’t been very many chapters translated yet, check out the prologue chapter and you will see why this one is on my list of recommendations. The female lead is a strong character who has been hurt in the past, specifically by the man she was in love with. She has created a new mission for herself to become the king of the world. I love stories where romance doesn’t come easy. I can’t wait to see the their love conflict in the past as well as the present. I’m really hoping this is one of the stories where the couples gets a second chance at love. If you enjoy reading forbidden love stories, I recommend you check out Daughter of Heaven.

Read it here

Neowa Neo Sai


Photo: Anime Planet

Synopsis: “The precious times that you and I shared.” -Anime Planet

Status: Ongoing

Genre: Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life

Why you should read it: So this webtoon only has a few chapters translated and I’m not sure when it will be updated but I can already tell this is going to be a good one if it does end up getting fully translated. This story will feature a love triangle but it is unlike many of the other one’s I’ve come across in manga. All three of the main characters grew up as friends and the female lead is in love with one of them but has hated the other since childhood. The male lead she hates is actually in love with her. In the first few chapters there is an accident and her hate for the male lead intensifies. I’m into these types of love stories where love blossoms between two characters who have disliked one another in the past. I can’t wait to see how the male lead is going to confess his love for her and whether he will get a happy ending or not. If you enjoy love triangles check out Neowa Neo Sai.

Read it here

Do it One More Time?


Synopsis: A dissatisfied married couple is given a second chance at love and are transported back in time to the day they met. Will they get back together or find new loves?

Status: Ongoing

Genres: Seinen, Romance, Sexual Content

Why you should read it: First of all, I want to let you know this webtoon has smut with some very graphic sex scenes and is for mature audiences only. Usually, I’m not a fan of these kinds of webtoons but I think this one has a lot of depth to it. The married couple is dissatisfied with one another for multiple reasons so they are transported to the past after they both wish to have never met one another. Once in the past they decide to go their separate ways and find another person to love to in order to start a new life. However, once they start changing the past, their future also changes and every time they hook up with someone who isn’t their significant other, they lose a memory of their present life. I’m interested to see if they will chose to stay together and how reliving the past will make them fall for one another again. If you like stories where the couple gets a second chance at love, be sure to check out this webtoon.

Want more romance webtoon recommendations? Check out my other list.


  1. hello!! i really like neowa neo sai but there’s only been 6 translated chapters :-(( do you know where i can find the remaining translated chapters? thank you so much for the recommendations!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Unfortunately I do not. 😦 I hunted for translated chapters like crazy but couldn’t find any. For some reason I only like manga that is not fully translated. 😦 The one’s that aren’t have the best plots in my opinion. Neowa Neo Sai has a great plot.


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