Webtoon of the Week: Flawless

I recently came across this webtoon named Flawless that I find to be a unique romance and have enjoyed it so much, I want to recommend it. Please note, my review may contain plot spoilers.


Photo: Mangakakalot

Here is the synopsis: “Sarah, accidentally meets a blind guy called Elios. Elios is so mysterious it makes her curious. Is Sarah falling in love? Or maybe there is something behind it all?” -Kiss Manga

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 10.39.51 AM

There hasn’t been too much plot development to give a good description of what the story’s really about but I’ve been easily captivated by the characters in the chapters that have been translated.

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 10.43.53 AM

Elios is blind but he does not fit the stereotype. He is is smart, funny and has a little bit of attitude. Even though he can’t see, he is extremely good looking, and he knows it. He doesn’t let his disability affect him and has developed a great sixth sense to the point where he can easily locate people and even beat them up with his cane. I’m wondering if maybe he has some supernatural abilities the reader doesn’t know about quite yet?? If he does, this story will be even more awesome! I can’t wait to learn more about him and his background. I haven’t been this excited about a male lead since I came across Kuranosuke in Princess Jellyfish.

Kudos to the author who had the great idea to introduce a blind character into a romance story. I’m excited to see how a romantic relationship is going to develop between him and Sarah, especially since he can only “see” her personality. I think this is going to be a great story about loving somebody for who they are and not necessarily what they look like. Elios’ personality will definitely keep me following along with this webtoon. I also can’t wait to see what his eyes look like underneath that mop of hair, I’m sure he’s going to be even more gorgeous! 😜

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 10.43.19 AM

Sarah is also interesting. She is quickly attracted to Elios because he is handsome, even though she doesn’t know anything about him. She is the opposite of Elios, because she can see, so she bases her romance off of his looks and not necessarily his personality.  I think this goes back to the webtoon’s overall theme of love being blind since she is currently blinded by his looks. She will have to learn to love Elios by accepting his personality and not just the way he looks. The author has an interesting contrast going on between these two characters and I LOVE IT!! 😍

Sarah is also a tough and stubborn character who is not afraid to beat people up. I’m excited to see how the author brings these two characters who share some common personality traits into a romantic relationship.

If you want to read Flawless you have to download the Line Webtoon app because it is only available in the Fan Translation section which is not on the website. To get a taste of the first few chapters, you can read up to chapter 5 on KissManga.

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 10.41.29 AM


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